About the Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program

Applications for 2023-2024 Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program are now available!

Participation is by application; enrollment is limited.


This Capstone Certificate Program is an intensive, interdisciplinary, one year academic program for practicing professionals from the disciplines of mental health, health, social services and education who work with families in the prenatal and postpartum periods and with children ages birth through five years. Following a cohort model, the students who complete this onsite, face-to-face, professional development program will gain an enhanced understanding of parent, infant and early childhood mental health and new skills to support the social and emotional development and well-being of young children in the context of their family/caregiver relationships.
Enrolled participants will be provided with class instruction as well as small group and individualized opportunities to reflect upon and integrate Capstone Certificate content into their professional work experiences with women in pregnancy and postpartum, families in the transition to parenthood and with infants and young children. These experiences contribute to an increased knowledge base and skills in providing appropriate screening, assessment, diagnostic, supportive, and therapeutic, intervention services. The Capstone Certificate in Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health is informed by current empirical knowledge from developmental, neuroscience, and attachment research.

What will I receive?
Completion of this Capstone Certificate Program will be listed on a University of Wisconsin-Madison transcript and will include 10-12 graduate course credits. Credits may be used toward continuing education for a variety of professions including, but not limited to psychology, social work, counseling, education and marriage and family therapy.
Those who complete this Capstone Certificate Program will have gained knowledge and competencies to assist them in pursuing endorsement as an Infant Family Specialist, Infant Mental Health Mentor, or Infant Mental Health Specialist through the Wisconsin Infant Mental Health Endorsement, Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health (WI-AIMH).